When is it too late to save your class grade?

Simple — It happens when you start a class unprepared to write.

To come back from low essay grades is difficult. Why? Because they count for at least  20% or more of your grade.

So, what’s the solution?

Be ready to write. Day one.

Jack, a freshman in college, and Tanya, a sophomore in college, discuss this problem.

“How did you get high grades right away in essay-dense classes, like English or History?”

“Jack, that’s the big question, one I asked myself before I arrived on campus. I was warned about this issue.

“So, is there a secret or something simple like finding easier instructors?”

“The easier instructor route is a loser. What you want are fair-minded instructors. Jack, let’s sit down on this bench instead of walking all over campus.”

They sit down.

“Okay. How did you survive? What were your grades in essay-rich classes?

“Jack, the answer is obvious. Prepare. My grades were As.”

“”Tanya, how do you prepare when all you write in high school are 1-2 page essays with no real feedback?” Jack took three sips of his Starbucks coffee. It was cooling fast.

“Well, this can be a problem. And it’s fairly common. Did you talk with your high school teacher?”

“About what? What do I know what to ask?”

“How did you do on your essays?”

“I did okay. A C+.

Tanya shook her head. “A C+ is a D or F in college.”

“What the hell,” Jack said.

“Did you receive feedback to improve your next essay?”

“Some. But it didn’t help all that much. I was in a large class. Lots of students. None of us got much attention.”

“Jack, you’re not alone here. Many students are a bit dazed by the longer essay assignments in college. They’re scrambling for help. Any kind of help.”

So here are three actions students can take:

1. Find some help online or from someone who can coach you and restore lost confidence.

2. Research your instructors, discovering what they want from their students’ writing. Find written examples to look at, if possible.

3. Do you feel lucky?

So, where can you find essay help – other than immediate in-person writing instruction?

 Find a comprehensive writing or essay-focused document that is:

  • Portable
  • Easy to understand
  • Quick to use
  • Inexpensive
  • And comes straight to your online mailbox, today


  • Driving to a bookstore
  • Waiting for an Amazon package.
  • Phoning a friend for information or help.

Few documents are available that meet these factors.

If someone says, just “Go on online.”

Unless you find a golden nugget, online is about bits and pieces. Nothing really in one place. Scattered information that a student would have to piece together. Maybe even purchase. And usually purchase more than one item.



Invest in this golden nugget — The Perfect Writing System. A one-stop solution to writing great essays.

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