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Professors and Instructors everywhere look no further than Write the Perfect Essay for help.

English Handbooks are great. They help in many areas. But they aren’t the best book for quick and clear writing techniques and strategies.

That’s what students look for. They ask: “What can I do to improve my writing? Now.”

Many Students aren’t interested in digging through a handbook for help, especially when they don’t know what they’re looking for.

“What they need is a document that focuses on writing.”

“Professor Mack, you’re right. Solid techniques. Easy to use. Once they’re not in our English classes their writing help falls off. A steep dive. Students tell me this all the time. They miss the English class help. But let’s face it. We could ramp up our writing instruction. We use rubrics, but they’re not enough.”

“Dr. Harper, that’s true. Somehow, if we could strengthen our writing instruction, plus find some kind of document the students could take with them, their writing situation going forward would improve.”

“Agree. That’s perfect solution. Students sell their handbooks. Then they have nothing except class handouts. And they rapidly disappear.”

So, there it is. The problem is defined.

Professors and Instructors can elevate their writing instruction by using a writing document the student can travel with – from class to class.

Convenience carries the day. Instant help carriers the day. That’s why The Perfect Writing System document is so helpful. Simple, straightforward writing help in the form of techniques and strategies.

Plug this word in here–a focus word.

Add this word there—a value word.

Link these words here and there–keywords.

Organize an essay with one sentence.

Visuals for a quick overview of key writing strategies.

Add up all these techniques and many others and the essay improves—dramatically! It’s not magic. It’s common writing sense.

Here’s the beauty of the Write the Perfect Essay System.

A Professor or Instructor doesn’t have to change their course design or format.

Just review the Write the Perfect System document and select what writing techniques they want to teach.

For example, for this month Key Writing Techniques 1- 5 will be emphasized and practiced. In every other class for 10 minutes.

If nothing else, a student can review all the different helpful writing techniques and strategies in The Perfect Essay System and learn at their own pace.

Flexibility is everywhere in The Perfect Essay System.

“What do you think, Dr. Harper? Did you review The Perfect Essay System Table of Contents?”

“I did. And I see its value. I’ve looked at dozens of textbooks just like you, and I haven’t seen anything like this. It’s easy to use. It’s seriously organized. And touches on many elements you don’t see in textbooks.”

“So, the verdict is?”

“I’m going to use it. It’s a bargain. Students can afford it. And the Professor/Instructor version is complete with overheads and a power point presentation in addition to the actual The Perfect Essay System 40-page document.”

“A value, Dr. Harper?”


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Writing Help is here.