What ignites your amazing writing skill?

A spilling of words?

A procession of ideas?

Opinions unlimited?

Sound and Fury?

No. Writing Techniques. That’s what ignites your writing skill.

Knowing how to write fast sentences. Clear descriptions. Organized essays.

And knowing what elevates your writing skill. And makes it amazing.

And knowing it’s right there on your phone download — Writing Techniques.

Writing success is a must. In high school. And even more so in college. Why? Because your grade depends on a well-written essay. Semester after semester.

And that grade should indicate success.

So, this writing stuff is serious. Especially when hard money is being spent on education.

Yet, many students graduate with limited writing skills. Why is that?

“Leonard, tell me one thing. Has your writing improved this year?”

“First, let’s sit down here and watch the coming and going of students from class. I think many of these students we see passing in front of us have writing issues. Just like me.”

“Ok. I agree. So, what should be done about it?” Celine asked, sipping her rapidly cooling coffee.

“More writing instruction. It’s that simple.”

“Yes. You’re right. More class time spent discussing writing would help. I like the content discussions. Don’t want to eliminate them. But more writing strategy discussions or presentations would sure help. I just received a C+ on my political science paper. Come on. I should get an A.”

“Simple, Celine. Fix your writing.”

“No duh, Leonard. Can you recommend a textbook?”

“Your English Handbook?”

“For one hundred dollars? Let me rephrase that, Leonard. I mean a writing book. A book or document about writing. Effective writing.”

“Not many of those around. I’ve looked.”

“Hey, what’s up?” Rhonda said, stopping on her way to class.

“Just discussing writing. The usual. We need help?”

“What’s the issue? I’ve all the writing help I need.”

“Really,” Celine said. “You’re all set.”

“Here it is.” Rhonda tapped her phone a few times and showed Celine and Leonard Write the Perfect Essay website.

“That’s the writing help?” Leonard asked.

“Absolutely. Actual help. On any level. A-Z help. Lots of writing techniques. I don’t worry about my essay grades.”

“How much?” Celine asked.

“I think it was around $5 or less. Can’t remember.”

“Seriously, Rhonda?” Leonard asked.

“I’ve always found the more reasonable the cost the better the product.”

Celine shakes her head. “Tell me about it.”

Leonard looks at Celine. “You sold. I am.”

Celine shakes her head. Opens her hands. “Nothing to lose. It’s The Perfect Essay System today. And probably tomorrow. Let’s go for it.”

The best solution isn’t always the most expensive solution.

The best solution is the simple solution. The value solution. The one that’s clear. The solution that’s permanent and portable.

When a solution is no risk, it’s often the right solution.

Imagine, writing help in your pocket.

Purse. Backpack. Car.

Just check your Perfect Essay System download on your phone and help is there.

Every time. Rain or Shine.