About Hugh Fraser M.A.


“Professor Fraser is awesome! I took ENG101-102. his classes were some of the best I have taken.”

“This was a great class and Fraser provides information and tips on how to become a better writer. I definitely recommend him!”

“Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Fraser completely changed my writing, and for the good. He emphasized simplicity and understanding vs. complex, unreadable writing. He works with his students and has an understanding of life outside the classroom.”

“Loved this summer fast track class! Excellent writing refresher, all reading is in Canvas. This teacher chose great reading material to write about. Very diverse for many interests. Loved this class!!!”

“I took Hugh Fraser for ENG 101 for an online winter course and I took ENG 102 for online Summer class. He is awesome. Gives amazing feedback”

“Instructions and grading rubric are very clear, and examples of what assignments should look like are provided. Allows retakes on assignments to receive better grades. Allows late work as well, wants students to succeed even if it takes a couple of extra tries. 10/10 would recommend this class with professor Fraser!”

“Took Hugh Fraser last semester. He teaches you how to write better and goes over tips and tricks on how for future classes. Usually accessible outside of class and encourages group participation. This class helps you do better in your other classes that require essays. Definitely recommend! Best teacher for ENG 101 if you struggle with writing assignments.”

“WOW finally a teacher [Hugh Fraser] that will give you detailed feedback on the essays you spend hours and hours working on. Everything is totally mapped out for you at the start and there is no textbook!”

“By far one of the best teachers I have ever had. He doesn't pile a lot of work on you because he understands you have other stuff to do. Hugh’s very clear on what you need to work on and how. I am now taking him for ENG 101 and couldn't be any happier.”

“Professor Fraser is an outstanding teacher. He is extremely helpful and wants to see his students succeed. He gives valuable feedback for all essays that are done. I recommend that anyone take him.” “This professor is great, he shows you how to write a paper for any class, and helps correct mistakes.”

“Best English instructor TMCC has. I took his hybrid classes twice and would recommend him highly. He is clear on his expectations and goes the extra mile for his students, always finding ways to help them. He responds quickly, and really teaches you the steps to write a great paper.His class is it!”

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