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Hugh Fraser M.A.

BORN in Los Angeles, Hugh lived in Burbank, where his father was a top Walt Disney animator.

He moved to Santa Ana, California, where his new home was populated with citrus trees, so fresh orange juice was the drink of the day.

As a young boy, Hugh enjoyed baseball. He was a pitcher. Known for his “no-hitters.” In fact, he helped his team reach the Pony League World Series.

In an epic extra-inning battle, he lost 1-0 to the team that won it all.

Hugh attended Santa Clara University, where he was elected Student Body Vice President.

He earned his B.S in Commerce. He was also a Distinguished Military Graduate and Faculty Senate Chair.

Then Hugh served as an International Armed Forces Courier Officer in Europe as a lieutenant in the U.S. Army for two years.

Returning home, he attended San Francisco State University for his M.A. in English. He was awarded an Outstanding Graduate Student award. His GPA was a stellar 3.85.

Hugh is an Expert Copywriter trained in the “art” of copywriting, completing “Masters” level training with AWAI (American Writers and Artists, Inc.)

As a college writing professor, Hugh taught both the brilliant and the struggling. No matter, his approach to writing was the same – teach techniques, not rules.

“Techniques build skills. Rules do not. It’s that simple.”
Now, students had a way forward. A new vision on how to write.

As a Freelance Expert Copywriter Hugh brings high-value, expert copywriting skills to Business and Education.

“Hugh Fraser took a long paragraph out of our product brochure and turned it into a sentence. There was nothing left out. He is a verbal alchemist.”
Todd Cramer – Former President of Zodiac Pools

In a nutshell:
• He’s taught writing for over 23 years
• He’s designed over twenty online courses
• His writing and teaching skills are 5-star … His fiction-writing is unique and compelling


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This novel is a stunning mystery-thriller about love and courage.

It follows an unlikely team on a quest to reset the end-of-the-world time clock.