The Perfect Essay System: Specific Help Using Writing Strategies & Techniques 

The first writing technique I will be taking away from this class is Key Writing Technique #4. It tells of how to use an author + a signal word to introduce quotes. I often find myself repeating words or phrases when I am introducing evidence. This technique guides me different ways to introduce quotes, such as using word bridges and avoiding “floating quotes.”

Essay Success Graph. The first graph focuses on wording techniques. Some of these word techniques are key words, value words, titles, etc.

Paragraph Development Graph. This graph has an emphasis on paragraph development, it gives you the length of the paragraph and details you should include such as descriptions, comparisons, etc. to make sure your paragraphs are successful.

Using the free Flesch Kincaid Calculator scale, I pasted the same text after editing with the free Hemmingway editor. The Kincaid scale gave the text a Grade of 4.4 and a Reading Ease score of 84.7. I also averaged about 12 words per sentence. This scale is good for giving a more in depth look at the exact readability score for your text.

This Essay Blueprint helped tremendously. Although I haven’t started my third essay just yet, this helps by keeping it all organized and makes the Essay process easier by taking it one step at a time — reminders of the fonts, and how to structure the essay, key words, length, examples, writing down ideas, etc. The Essay Blueprint will help me keep everything in order.

I will use critical thinking perspective to eliminate any opinions or biases I may have towards a certain topic. 

Sentence Management is another aspect I will be using in my future classes. Although I have learned about sentence structures repeatedly in my education, The Perfect Essay System breaks it down in a simple way. I typically write a combination of simple, compound, and complex sentences. This section elaborates on a variety of ways to write those three sentences. One example is having a beginning pattern + basic pattern + middle pattern + end pattern. Those four patterns help to create an effective complex sentence that does not exceed 1 ½ lines. I will be using this in my future essays to increase readability and interest.

Thesis Development Graph. This graph focuses on creating a thesis statement. When writing a thesis, it is important to keep in mind the subject and the type of essay you are writing.

The Essay Blueprint has helped me organize my thoughts and helps me recognize what to focus on in my essay. It has helped me refrain from being redundant and it helps me figure out how much more content I need to include to meet the essay requirements. 

The final Key writing technique I will be using in my future essays is #3. This one talks about how to write an effective title. Since it is usually the first thing the audience reads in an essay, I often find myself wanting to create a title that will hook the readers in. By having the subject come first followed by a colon with value words proceeding it, making a title is much easier to do. It also makes the essay look more professional and cleaner.

The next writing technique I will use in future essays are all the Power Word Techniques. These include signal word use, word bridge use, value word use, and focus word use. These Power Word Techniques will help my essays be easier to read while helping the audience understand the writing better.

I will use keywords to help bring definition to my essay. To help the reader understand what I’m talking about.

After using the Hemingway app my scores did improve, it really helps my understanding on how I can improve my sentences. I will be using this app to help guide me through my essays, I really enjoyed using this app and plan to use it in the future. Thanks Professor Fraser!!

Essay Success Graph.  The key take-away from graph 1 is that each technique adds value to your essay, kind of like a staircase in which every technique adds another step to it being great. 

Paragraph Development Graph. In this graph, it explains how to form your paragraphs and how to transition from one paragraph to another by mentioning in the last line of your previous paragraph the topic of your next paragraph.

By following the steps on “How to Develop a thesis,” I am able to create a clear and concise thesis.

One important aspect I will be taking away from this class is the Essay Planning under Key Writing Strategy (Basic). I like how it helps you estimate the number of paragraphs you will need depending on how many pages you need to write.

Focus word use will help my essays stay on topic and not go off track.

Signal word use lists many examples of words used to introduce ideas. Some of those words include comments, criticizes, reports, etc.

Paragraph Development Graph. This last graph focuses on crafting good paragraphs. It talks about the grammatical aspect of a paragraph as well as the type of paragraph (deductive or inductive). It also explains the quotes and things to be added to create a good paragraph.

I really enjoyed these Essay Writing Techniques that we have been provided in this short semester; they truly have helped me become a more organized, well-rounded writer. The essay blueprint helped me get a deeper understanding of the essay topic and a better knowledge, I believe it did make my essay better by using this technique and I really enjoyed finding this and will use it in the future.

I am using Critical Analysis Writing. To take my writing to a higher level, I plan to keep
implementing this “level three” strategy. To achieve this, I will continue to use supporting
information that can be validated through my use of quotes and in-text citations to ensure
that all of the information I use in my essays is backed by a relevant quote in the correct
formatting (MLA). The final technique/strategy I want to continue using is the perfect essay blueprint.

I plan to continue using Keywords as a technique. Using the title to center the rest of my
essay by planting a keyword is nice. This makes it easier to control my thesis because I
put a keyword to hold the whole idea of whatever essay I am writing.

 Essay planning is also a technique that I will continue to implement throughout my other
writing pieces. This helps me set up my introductory paragraph and what topics I want to use
throughout my body paragraphs. By doing so, my thesis idea can stay consistent even if it
is a more extended essay because my body paragraphs are already set up with different
topic sentences. The essay planning also helps ensure that the paper is not repetitive and

I’m not sure if you count this as a technique but how to develop a thesis helped me so much with my essays. I have always struggled coming up with a thesis but how the document explained it gave a much clearer picture on how to put one together. I will be using that for the rest of my life.