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Simple building blocks for effective writing

As an instructor and research librarian who has assisted students for 26 years, I have been baffled by the inability of students to identify the building blocks which create knock-the-doors-down essays and research papers. Simple building blocks for effective writing that can be assembled to transform their writing and their academic achievement.

            “Professor Fraser’s product identifies and illustrates the essential elements which transform writing across all curriculums. Using The Perfect Essay Blueprint and clear and simple writing techniques, a student can integrate into each essay and paragraph viable and salient points which will allow any instructor to effortlessly read and grade a student’s writing.

            This one-of-a-kind writing blueprint will carry a student across all levels of present and future education and work experience.

            Moreover, it will add to any instructor’s writing toolbox different and effective ways for students to enhance and improve their essays. The graphs and detailed steps of essay writing contained in the Perfect Writing System are winning strategies for long-term success.

                                                                              Retired college lead librarian and instructor

                                                                                                                          Neil Siegel M.A.